Our Safety & Performance Management Assessment Model combines the technologies of safety management and performance management – originally designed by the consultants for Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager and Gung Ho!  The Assessment results in our Safety Culture Improvement Plan containing measurable objectives, implementation timelines and the identification of directly responsible individuals.  Our proprietary model is recognized as the most effective initiative for minimizing the cost and number of incidents, protecting assets, while increasing profitability.

The Solution Process

Loss Analysis – We pinpoint underlying accident frequency, severity and close call trends
Safety & Performance Management Assessment – Our comprehensive assessment of 10 key management systems, identified by the consultants for Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager and Gung Ho! contains:

  1.   Accountability (financial & management)
  2.   Data Analysis & Performance Scorecard
  3.   Feedback, Inspections & Behavioral Observations
  4.   Consequence Management & Incentives
  5.   Training & Retraining
  6.   New Employee Orientation
  7.   Communication – Teamwork, Lessons From Losses & Return-to-Work
  8.   Health & Wellness, Distraction Prevention
  9.   Loss Prevention Leadership & Injury Prevention Team
  10.   Regulatory Compliance

Management Team Interviews – Interviews with senior management and selected supervisors are conducted in order to validate findings and analyze strengths and challenges

Tabulate the Findings – The results are tabulated, combined, analyzed and summarized

Safety Culture Improvement Plan (SCIP) – A roadmap is generated with recommendations, implementation timelines and designated Directly Responsible Individual (DRI) who is accountable for completion of each action step

Safety Training Sessions – Customized training and work sessions are created from the Assessment.  Oxman Safety uniquely assists our clients through the facilitation & implementation process.

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