Laura Oxman is Chief Operating Officer and Executive Sustainability and Health & Wellness Consultant.  Certified in ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, she engages clients to sharpen their management systems and to define and implement environmental sustainability initiatives.  As an organizational consultant, Laura creates cultures at work that emphasizes “Living Well at Work”, teaching fundamental health principles, safety strategies, sustainable solutions, stress management, harassment prevention, negotiations and workplace violence prevention.  She consults on issues of employee termination procedures and responds to critical incidents.  She is familiar with both state and Federal law regarding sexual harassment and is a sought out speaker on this subject.  Her overall emphasis continues to be “Living Well at Work”, producing a sustainable, healthy, safe, harassment and violence free workplace resulting in increased productivity and retention while decreasing incidents and accidents and illnesses.

Laura has over 26 years of combined Clinical, Program Development and Organizational experience.  She is known for effective training and ability to draw her participants into the training experientially.  Curriculums she has developed include:

  1. Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
  2. Risk Awareness Training at Work – OSHA-mandated Safety Training
  3. “Living Well at Work” – Health and Wellness for Executives and Employees
  4.  Stress Prevention on the Job
  5. Creating Win/Win Solutions Through Successful Negotiations
  6. Sustainability and Performance Management Assessment Model & Scorecard
  7. Living Well at Work
  8. Wellness and Performance Management Assessment Model & Scorecard
  9. Maximizing Profits with Generational Differences
  10. Stress Prevention on the Job

Laura holds a Masters of Science degree and Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of South Alabama.  Her post-graduate studies are in Environmental Sustainability, Negotiation Training, and Behavioral Neuroscience.