It’s Not Rocket Science BUT It Isn’t That Simple Either (It’s The New Counter-Culture)

Information and mis-information abounds when it comes to health and wellness.  Living great is more than losing weight by pushing away from the table or putting your fork down – that is self-control.  In a nutshell, barring existing disease, living well is gained by paying attention to 6 key behaviors in your life.  It begins by simply slowing down to take an inventory – rating yourself with honesty.

While there are many behaviors you can adopt to maximize your life – the following 6 fundamental lifestyle changes are what we call the hinge-pin to Living Great & Working Great!

1.  Clean Food – Remove the unclean (processed, hormone & chemical filled) food products from your diet and fuel your precious body with high powered nutrients.  When your body is low in nutrients and high in chemical toxins, it is in high alert, creating inflammation as a protection against enemy intruders.  Symptoms include fatigue, cloudy thinking, aches and pains, weight gain, and a susceptibility to infections.  When a person ingests hormones, pesticides, additives, and chemical products such as high fructose corn syrupWhen the body ingests toxins, the major systems are disrupted and disregulation of hormones occurs resulting in a variety of problems, including a poor mental status.  It is easy – if you can read the label, identify the ingredients as true food, it is a good choice!

2.  Water – Drink at least 64 ounces of clean water daily – this does not include soda, tea, coffee, etc.  Water is basic to living a great life.  Symptoms of dehydration include confusion, weakness and light headedness.

3.  Breathe – Yes, breathe often and deep!  Deep breathe is one important way the body releases toxic build up and replaces the CO2 with much needed oxygen.  Shallow chest breathing can lead to anxiety and fatigue. Deep breathing clears the mind and brings about clarity of thought, minimizing distraction.

4.  Rest – Lack of adequate sleep makes it harder to make great decisions about your behavior.   Lack of sleep results in poor focus, inability to pay attention and confusion. Studies also find lack of sleep leads to faulty decision-making and more risk-taking.  Read more:

5.  Movement – Get moving!  No need to join a gym, just get moving!  Forget the latest craze or perfection – those are obstacles to great movement.  Take a walk, ride a bike, swim, garden, take the stairs, play ball, chase your dog or whatever it is that you enjoy doing.  Make it fun!  A major fallacy is that exercise is a chore that must be done in a gym 3-5 hours a week on a variety of equipment.  That concept of movement sets most of us up for failure.

“Exercise increases energy levels and increases serotonin in the brain, which leads to improved mental clarity,” says Atkinson, director of program development for Cooper Ventures, a division of the Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas.  Exercise increases productivity, decreases accidents, melts away stress, energizes and wards off disease.  Can we say more?

6.  Emotional Peace – This is often the most difficult piece to our puzzle of living great, particularly in today’s culture.  Emotional peace is a gift received after we have forgiven everyone who has ever harmed us.  It is learning contentment in all things.  It is a product of letting go of defining ourselves by our production.  It is about embracing God’s love and the love of those around us.  Love is never in short supply – we often feel unloved because we have refused to embrace love.  Not feeling loved or peaceful?  Try reaching out to someone who is lonely or in need.  Fear, anxiety and bitterness will begin to melt away as we give love to other people.  Emotional Peace – often seemingly elusive but oh so powerful and worth working for!

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