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Warning: OSHA Is Not a Small Town in Wisconsin!

Our Thought-Provoking Newsletter to Clients, Colleagues and Friends 
We are excited to publish our first newsletter in 2015.  As the political landscape changes, so must business adjust and change.  We would value your feedback for future articles to address your most important safety concerns.
Do OSHA Issues Keep You Up at Night?

In 2015, employers are once again stuck in the middle. On one side, visionary business executives are implementing initiatives to find and fix hazards and risks while facing new threats to the safety and security of their employees.  On the other side there are new OSHA enforcement initiatives underway including new recordkeeping and reporting requirements, penalizing non-compliant safety incentive plans, fining underreporting of injuries, protecting whistleblowers, implementing new personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, chemical safety regulations and more.


Safety Pays When You Budget for It

Company leaders have to make prudent safety spending decisions to protect assets, people, profits and the environment while infusing corporate goals, values and dreams into every decision.  How a leader commits to, supports and budgets for safety will directly impact the company’s bottom line.  This new year should see results measured against goals, safety included in functional job descriptions, and every employee held accountable in support of the company’s safety culture.  Your assets depend on it.


If the Goal is No Employee Injured, Then You Need a Safety Culture Improvement Plan

Every visionary employer should have a current Safety Culture Improvement Plan with Action Steps, Timelines for Completion and Directly Responsible Individuals identified. The Plan brings safety up to habit strength while generating discretionary energy that employees deposit back into the company and is released as profitability, creativity, increased productivity, and loyalty.  Oxman Safety’s proprietary Safety and Performance Management Assessment is available to assess your safety culture and help you keep on track.
Our best to you and yours,
Scott Oxman
Laura Oxman
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