Expert Loss Control Services for Risk-Bearing Clients of Agents and Brokers We provide a full range of Fortune 500-level loss control services to the risk-bearing clients of insurance agents and brokers.  We have been conducting comprehensive risk improvement inspections and safety training services since 1976 and have served virtually every business sector – both public and private.  We have developed customized inspection forms from Basic Evaluation Reports to COPE reports to comprehensive Safety and Performance Management Assessments and Weighted Scorecards that differentiate our customers.

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  Safety Inspection Services We are regarded as sharpshooters and provide the following services:

  • Due Diligence Inspections
  • Basic Evaluation Reports
  • Loss Control Surveys & Pre-Underwriting Inspections (all major coverages)
  • Nationally Delivered Ongoing and Onsite Loss Control Service
  • Industrial Hygiene Testing
  • Repetitive Motion Injury Prevention Assessments
  • Property Surveys
  • Photographic Observation Reports

  Scope of Services We provide an array of loss control services to our agent’s and broker’s clients.

Loss Control

A. I2P2 – Injury & Illness Prevention Programs (IIPPs are completely customized)

B. Safety & Performance Management Assessments (Using Ken Blanchard’s Performance Management & Oxman Safety Performance Management Models)

C. OSHA Compliance Safety Inspections & Audits

D. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Manuals

E. Safety Performance Scorecards Tied To SOPs

F. OSHA-Compliant Effective Safety Training & Refresher Training – All Subjects & Bilingual Training

  1. Safety Leadership
  2. Manual material handling (soft tissue & back injury prevention)
  3. Slip & fall prevention
  4. Personal protection – PPE – hand, eye, face, head, foot, hearing, respiratory & fit tests, baseline testing
  5. Chemical safety – Haz-Com 2012 Global Harmonization Standard (GHS)
  6. Ergonomics – repetitive motion analysis
  7. Bloodborne pathogens, universal precautions & Exposure Control Plan
  8. Sexual harassment & violence prevention
  9. Emergency preparedness – including earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, floods, heat illness (shade & hydration) and first aid
  10. Machine guarding
  11. Lock-out/tag-out
  12. Machinery, equipment & tool safety
  13. Defensive and distracted-driving prevention
  14. Industrial truck safety (forklift safety certification)
  15. Housekeeping excellence (5S)
  16. Fall protection
  17. Living Well & Working GREAT
  18. OSHA 10 General Industry
  19. OSHA 10 Construction
  20. OSHA 30 General Industry
  21. OSHA 30 Construction

G. Fire/Life Safety & Security Assessments

H. OSHA 10 & OSHA 30-Hour General & Construction Course

I. Safety Incentive Programs

J. Health & Wellness Roadmaps

K. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

L. Food Safety & Food Hygiene Assessments

M. Sustainability Assessments

N. Ergonomic Assessments

O. New Employee Safety Orientation

P. Return-To-Work Modified Duty Programs, Job Banks and 24-72-5 Protocols

Q. OSHA Visit Plans & OSHA Citation Abatement

Insurance Loss Control Services

R. Workers’ Compensation Inspections

S. General Liability Inspections

T. Fleet Liability Inspections

U. Owner-Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIPs) and Wrap-Ups

V. Industrial Hygiene Testing