Working Together on Issues That Matter

Increasingly, Guests want to do business with hotels whose values of integrity and commitment to people are at the core of what they do.  Social responsibility initiatives align hotels and resorts with the issues that are important to their colleagues, the community where they operate and the environment.

Hotels are creative when determining where they will focus their efforts.  At Oxman Safety, we begin this process with a perception survey of hotel colleagues to clarify the burning issues in their lives.  Clarifying the needs of your colleagues and their families will result in high colleague participation by actively engaging them in the initiatives  and a deeper impact.  The survey will identify a wide variety of needs that may include creating career opportunities for local people, partnering in health care and education, working with other organizations to strengthen community shelters and food banks, and fund raising for other specific community needs.

One Business – One Person – Impacting – People – Communities

These Things We Call Social Initiatives Are Eternal

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