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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is an international expression of sustainability efforts.  Think of Reduce – Reuse – Recycle as a waste management pyramid with the foundation being built upon reducing your use of natural resources.

Reducing the consumption of valuable resources and eliminating or controlling the consumption of toxic materials is the highest goal of this initiative.  Carefully reviewing your consumption of energy, water, and organic matters is the focal point of this initiative.  This begins with an internal assessment of your hotels purchasing practices and the engineering controls that are in place to reduce energy and water consumption.

Reuse is the principle chosen when resources are able to be used for a secondary function once their original purpose has expired.  Examples of this are reusing packing that comes in shipped products, reusing printed paper for notepads, and donating electronics and soft goods that have outlived their hotel purpose to a charity organization or selling them at deeply discounted prices to colleagues.  Social Responsibility is the rising star of the sustainability movement.  Reuse is a wonderful opportunity to enhance the lives of your colleagues and to give back to the your community.

Recycle is the smallest yet still very important area of sustainability.  Paper, plastics, fryer oil, electronics, water, glass, and all organic waste once used should be recycled so they do not end up in the community landfill.  Every hotel should Implement a recycling program to the full extent available in your municipality; document your efforts.  Hazardous waste must be handled according to your municipal code.  Hazardous waste management requires careful consideration and should be followed in accordance with local, state, national and or international regulations.  Hazardous waste includes fluorescent bulbs, batteries, electronic equipment and lighting ballasts.

No trash ever truly disappears!

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