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OSHA-Compliant Training and Refresher Training

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Special Emphasis on the Safety Needs of Hispanic Employees

Employee Safety Compliance Training

OSHA 10-Hour – General Industry

OSHA 30-Hour – General Industry

OSHA 10-Hour – Construction

OSHA 30-Hour – Construction

OSHA Focus Four Hazards in Construction

Back Injury Prevention & Manual Material Handling

Bloodborne Pathogens (Universal Precautions & Exp Control Plan)

Chemical Safety (GHS) and HAZCOM

Carbon Monoxide Training

Defensive and Distracted-Driving Prevention

Emergency Preparedness

Ergonomics (repetitive motion analyses)

Electrical Safety (lock-out/tag-out)

Fall Protection

Fire Safety

First Aid/CPR/AED

Heat Illness (shade & hydration)

Hospitality Compliance Training

Housekeeping Excellence

Industrial Truck (Forklift Safety Certification)

Ladder Safety

Machine Guarding

Machinery (equipment & tool safety)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Slip & Fall Prevention

Safety Leadership Training for Executives and Supervisors

Principles of Executive Loss Control

Safety Culture Improvement Plans

Safety Champion Training

Job Safety Analysis JSA (Job Hazard Analysis JHA)

Oxman Leadership Certification Institute