Oxman Safety provides comprehensive, compliant and sustainable safety, loss prevention and green solutions. We improve the bottom line, operating efficiency, safety culture, and the health and safety of employees and guests.


  1. Significantly reduced loss costs and overall cost of risk
  2. Improved management and employee safety accountability
  3. Competitive advantage due to improved performance
  4. Improved underwriting story
  5. Improved scorecards results using our proprietary safety and performance management models:  (A) Oxman Audit – Safety and Performance Management Assessment; (B) Scorecard; (C) Safety Culture Improvement Plan; and (D) the Oxman Sustainable “Green Hotel” Assessment and Scorecard
  6. Up-to-date Loss Prevention and Sustainability SOPs for Engineering, Human Resources, F&B and Heart-of-House
  7. Safety embedded into every job description
  8. Increased management and employee recognition for initiative successes